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Swan lake poster example

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This poster is a good example of the brand in action. It shows how the brand works in conjunction with high quality photography to give a polished and professional finish. The brand has enough flexibility that it can be customised to be suitable for the particular application. The reflection of the show title suggests the type being reflected in a lake, for example.

The design of the show information is kept subtle and typographic allowing the typeface to shine through with only subtle emaphasis on key pieces of info.

The feel of the poster and the considered layout gives an impression of integrity and quality, echoing the communications of national arts establishments.


Sweatshirt example

All about this

The sweatshirt is an important item for a performance school, giving the students a way to identify with the school and to embody it's principles.

The simplified marque is well suited to screen printing and should be applied with consideration. The logo on the garment should be set relatively small to one side of the chest, with plenty of space around it. Please never set the logo at full width of the printing area of the garment. It is important for the logo to be carefully considered within it's context.

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